Siyona Shrestha’s -A struggle for a new life

UPDATES-11 CRORE 60 LAKHS collected .

Siyona’s parents Sandeep Shrestha and Aleena Gurung Shrestha went live today to share the updates of total fund collected for her medical fundraiser along with her health status.Siyona is in Warsaw hospital of Poland and she is doing alright as… Read More ›

Nepalese in Japan supporting Siyona

Siyona parents would like to thank every supporters and donors from Japan who have contributed for Siyona medical fundraiser. Football clubs Khukuri FC, Kiec Eagles, Tenzin Lads along with other supporters donated ¥300000 for Siyona.The name list of donors are… Read More ›


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About Me

Hi, This is Anish Shrestha. I live in Richmond, California. This page is all dedicated for the current medical donation updates on Siyona who is battling SMA Typ1. We hope she recovers soon.Together we can

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