Support from UK Gurkhas Belles Barrack for Siyona

An initiation for Siyona medical fundraiser by Yugal Gurung and his friends from UK, Helles barrack Gurkhas raised Rs 113549.8 for the treatment cost for Siyona.We appreciated their support and contribution for the baby girl.Join TEAM SIYONA-SMA for all updates… Read More ›

Galkot(गलकोट घुम्टे रोधी सांगीतिक समूह) supports Siyona

We thanks Galkot Ghumtey Rodhi group/गलकोट घुम्टे रोधी सांगीतिक समूह for their immense help and support for Siyona.As per the Galkot Updates on Siyona post, गलकोटमा “गलकोट घुम्टे रोधी” सांगीतिक समूह द्वारा सियोना श्रेष्ठ बचाउ अभियान चलाई उपचारार्थ आर्थिक रकम… Read More ›