Total paypal donation for Siyona till date The upper link shows the total donation made by supporters via paypal medium.A total of $839.85 have been collected via paypal. Do donate for Siyona who is fighting for her life you can support via this link-

Nawalparasi supporters for Siyona

Fundraiser team for Siyona from Nawalparasi, Anish M. Shrestha writes in his wall in support for the baby girl Siyona-“हाम्रो पहिलो यात्रा सुरु:-मुरि मुरि धन्यवाद हाम्रो हेल्पिङ hands हरुलाई आजकोलाई :-दिब्य ज्योतीका भाइ हरु,प्रोप.नव दुर्गा फ्लेक्स को दाइ मुकेश राज… Read More ›