Nawalparasi supporters for Siyona

Fundraiser team for Siyona from Nawalparasi, Anish M. Shrestha writes in his wall in support for the baby girl Siyona-
हाम्रो पहिलो यात्रा सुरु:-
मुरि मुरि धन्यवाद हाम्रो हेल्पिङ hands हरुलाई आजकोलाई :-दिब्य ज्योतीका भाइ हरु,प्रोप.नव दुर्गा फ्लेक्स को दाइ मुकेश राज रन्जित, उहाँकै भाइ प्रोप.नव दुर्गा printing प्रेसका मेरो मिल्नी मित्र सुरज राज रन्जित अनि हाम्रो नेपाली national फूटबल team members हरु र हाम्रो नगर को भाइ biswash khadka ji lai लगायेत बिमल घर्ती मगर,सुरज यादव भाइ,कमल बस्यल,वसन्त भाइ र रोहित भाइलाइ.yesai gari hami sab ek bhai siyona bachau aabhiyan ma lagni ra lagna chahanu huni dajuu bhai lai hirdaya dhekhi dhanya baad dinxau.its our first step
.“..More updates soon.

Team Siyona/parents would like to thank everybody including respected National football players (Bimal Gharti Magar)who have given their valuable time and concern for Siyona with the hope the required fund gets collected in time.
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