Little kids and youths supporting Siyona campaign

We can see the youth wearing masks and are out in the road to support for the 13 months old Siyona who is battling for her life.She has a rare form of genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy type 1.She is not expected to survive past her 2nd birthday.Thanks all the supporters who are joining the team to see her live her life.

This is the video.Click play

Support from UK Gurkhas Belles Barrack for Siyona

An initiation for Siyona medical fundraiser by Yugal Gurung and his friends from UK, Helles barrack Gurkhas raised Rs 113549.8 for the treatment cost for Siyona.We appreciated their support and contribution for the baby girl.Join TEAM SIYONA-SMA for all updates of Siyona medical fundraiser.Donate via gofundme-

UPDATES-11 CRORE 60 LAKHS collected .

Siyona’s parents Sandeep Shrestha and Aleena Gurung Shrestha went live today to share the updates of total fund collected for her medical fundraiser along with her health status.Siyona is in Warsaw hospital of Poland and she is doing alright as told by her father.Hope we reach the target price soon to let her get the… Read More ›

अघि बढौ सबैले सहयोगको भावना राखौ हजारौ व्यक्तिलाई नयाँ जीवन दिने सामाजसेवी मित्रहरू एकढिक्का भएर अगाडि बढौं साथै –Nirmal KhawasTeam siyona -SMA

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