What to do soon after you arrive at the United States of America? Small steps to get through.

It is a different kind of feeling for everybody who are in the process to immigrate to the United States of America through different types of visa such as student visa, tourist visa, visiting visa, visa through employment, fiance visa, diversity visa and there some other categories as well.
Here I will be discussing mainly about the diversity visa immigrants who arrive here after several months to years of visa processing through first entering the lottery and getting approved at the visa consular centre at the capital of their country @ the US Embassy of US.
                                                  SOON AFTER YOU ARRIVE.
1. Jet lags-It’s generally a long flight from the home nation to the so called melting pot of the world- US. As the sleep cycle and our time zone get jumbled up, we experience jet lags for a few days. So one can take rest and adapt in the new environment for a few days in the new place.

2. Phone/sim- One generally brings his/her mobile phone from their place so that they can use the free wifi at the airport and update their current status with their family and friends. Next step, for now, is to get a new sim carrier to have communication with loved ones and fellow friends at the states.
For that one needs to go to a phone/sim outlet nearby their residence. The popular sim carrier company in US are At&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon, Sprint, Cricket and there are some other sim carrier that are especially popular in their own place/state.
One can also buy a new phone along with sim plans on a monthly payment basis. But this can be done later on after getting accustomed to the sim, new brand phone, services, coverage, family pack planning and data or unlimited planning as per the customer needs.The price varies variably as per the different needs.
More or less, talk time and messaging are unlimited is the best part over here unlike most of the other countries sim carrier system. 🙂 Yippe !


3. Get a bank account- Open a new bank account. Most of the US bank can open the account for you as you have a US stamped visa in your passport even before you get your state ID/green card and social security number.
Some of the popular and notable bank of US that has wide coverage of their branches are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, Citi Bank, PNC, SunTrust Banks Inc., HSBC, etc.


Having a bank account enables you get to do monetary transactions and setup direct deposits after you get into some sort of employment. Having atm debit card is another good thing. Also, you can get along with the online shopping and online financial system.
Also, keep in mind the US bank don’t offer free service for setting up your bank account.Especially the top banks offer 2  months of free bank account but after that time, you need to meet up with their requirements such as having a 1500 $ in your bank account at least all around the 30 days of the month. It differs among the different bank and the service fee might go from 10-12 $ per month if somebody doesn’t meet up that criteria. But there are also other ways to prevent the fee such as setting up direct deposit  from your workplace to your account. For more information talk with your bank employees or see the help info of that specific bank website.
If you need link for that  don’t forget to send a message.

5. Credit Card- One of the major benefits here is that you can have a credit card where it might not have been available in some countries.It is very important to have one out here as it matters a lot when in the future when you will be planning to buy some huge sum items such as motor vehicles, buying a house on a monthly basis and so on unless you have the whole money to buy at once. People generally do monthly installment type transaction for their purchases here. So, the credit score of your card might determine the final value for your purchases or it also helps you to lower your interest rates on the items that you have brought.
Notably, you can set up credit card account from the same bank where you have your checking/saving account or opt to open a credit card from a different company. Some of the notable popular companies for credit card  are Discover, Capital One, Mastercard, American Express, etc.


Also, not to forget to go into the information about the services offered by them and late fee penalties , annual fee  and perks of the various credit card you might apply for. They have their own interest rates after it reaches some month or a year time. So be careful what you apply for and depending on your needs. One might also need to deposit some hundrhundred dollarsopening a secured credit card which they will get refunded after some months whereas other credit institution might not take money to open a new account.
Referral system works here and it is generally a good idea to open an account  from your friends’ referral as they might give you bonuses on both side for account opening. See the company’s websites for details.


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