There are some of the websites that you can access/use online to complete your entire visa processing from beginning to final steps. There is no any fee to use the websites. Its free to use. Only we need to pay for the required processing fees when required. But using the website is absolutely free and it is encouraged to people who are applicants for DV to use all the website and get used to it personally.
I will write it down the website and links for that.


This link is for a new application for a new diversity visa for US. Also, the first letter and second letter can be accessed or seen from this website.
This link is for applying the second letter for diversity visa which is also called as DS-260 online application form.
Once submitted, the online form gets locked.In case is you want to add any extra information or change the information, one needs to request KCC or concerned US embassy for unlocking the DS 260 form and it can again be accessed .But remember to submit it once every work is done.
There is no any risk of opening the site.You can see your information what you entered as many times as possible.


This is for the visa application that is used after you get approved for the visa after the interview at US embassy. It can be applied after you get selected for the dv lottery but people usually make it after they get approved in the interview.It takes few days to 1 week or more to receive the passport with US visa issued from embassy authorized bank from a concerned country. Its NIBL bank in case of Nepal.

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